Today, the Coalition for Public Safety participated with Prison Fellowship in the first inaugural Second Chance Month press conference. Second Chance Month recognizes that each individual within our justice system is worthy of redemption and has potential. By celebrating this month, the Coalition seeks to recognize the potential of the 65 million men, women and children who have come through the system, paid their debt to society and now need our support.

Steven Hawkins, President of the Coalition for Public Safety: “We’re proud to join Prison Fellowship in observing Second Chance Month. One in three Americans now has a criminal record, and this is due in large part to our failure to pair punishment with opportunities for rehabilitation. It is time to reverse that trend and create a fairer, safer system for all Americans, one that offers hope for those affected. As the largest national bipartisan justice reform organization, we pledge to continue working to make our system smarter, fairer, more effective, and a more hopeful place on all levels.”

Timothy Head, Executive Director of the Faith and Freedom Coalition: “Redemption is the core of all of our efforts, and this is no less true in our work to advocate for justice reform. We are pleased to join Prison Fellowship and the Coalition for Public Safety in celebrating Second Chance Month.”

Udi Ofer, Director, Campaign for Smart Justice with American Civil Liberties Union: “For too long, our country has relied on mass incarceration to address our nation’s social problems instead of offering rehabilitative treatments and support services so desperately needed. We’re proud to stand alongside the Coalition for Public Safety and Prison Fellowship in celebrating Second Chance Month. Let’s invest in proven solutions like jobs and education, and support the 65 millions Americans who live with a criminal record and face 44,000 legal restrictions that make it so difficult to reintegrate back to society.”

Join us.