Largest bipartisan reform coalition launches Champions of Justice Reform campaign

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Coalition for Public Safety launched a year-long “Champions of Justice Reform” series by naming Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia as their first champion.


Since taking office, Governor Deal has made justice reform a top priority of his Administration. Partnering with the Georgia General Assembly, Deal has secured the passage of five comprehensive criminal justice reform measures, one for nearly each year of his Governorship. These reforms have lifted Georgia out of an incarceration crisis, avoided the need for 5,000 additional prison beds, and saved taxpayers at least $264 million.


Steve Hawkins, President of the Coalition for Public Safety: “Governor Nathan Deal has worked to preserve the dignity of those in Georgia’s justice system. He’s worked to safely reduce the prison population while extending the opportunity for a second chance to those that need it most. Governor Deal’s efforts have made Georgia a shining example of how states have lead the way on justice reform in the past decade. We’re proud to feature the Governor as our first Champion of Justice Reform and we look forward to continuing our partnership with him in the future.”


The Champions of Justice Reform series will profile leaders from across the political spectrum who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and perseverance in pushing for smart on crime policies that are cost-effective, responsive, and focused on public safety without coming at the expense of rehabilitation.  

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