Today, the Coalition for Public Safety thanked HUD Secretary nominee Dr. Ben Carson for his recognition of and commitment to breaking down barriers for the formerly incarcerated.
Steve Hawkins, President of the Coalition for Public Safety: “The Housing and Urban Development Secretary’s role is one that affects the quality of life for countless people. We’re pleased to see Dr. Carson offer words of encouragement for returning citizens. He has captured well the plight of the formerly incarcerated; it is incredibly hard to reintegrate into society, even when one’s debt is fully paid. We look forward to working with Dr. Carson to find ways to make the path to reintegration smoother.”
During Dr. Carson’s confirmation hearing, he stated, “When accused of a crime an offender’s charge sheet usually includes a wide variety of crimes. Many charges may or may not be true. The offender pleas down to and is convicted of a single charge, yet the litany of charges will stay on the offender’s record. They may not have been convicted of those other crimes, yet there on the record they stay. Background checks reveal these charges. Potential future employers see those charges and may not hirer this person because of them. I think we can do better than this.”

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